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I provide a space of accompaniment, trusting in the movement of God's presence through open dialogue. Listening to the heart is beautiful, courageous work; I stand with open hands, willing to hold your story with you and see the revelation of truth through your lived experience. The Spirit directs. We listen and respond. 

I provide spiritual direction in the comfort of my office or home in Philadelphia - whichever location is more convenient for you. I operate on a sliding scale.


Jackie introduced me to the release of emotion through painting. When I  met Jackie, I didn’t have anything to write – I felt as though the ink in me had completely dried up. It was through our time spent together in her office that I picked up a paint brush. She further encouraged God’s presence in my everyday life by introducing reflection and exploration in the form of music. Jackie helped me verbalize God's work in my life.


I connected with Jackie during a dark time in my life. She planted the seeds for me to gain self love and confidence in all that I do. I look back over this year and remember all the weight my heart was carrying, and Jackie was always there to release that heartache and pain with me. I cannot thank her enough for being a guiding light for me... for creating spaces for me to deepen my own understanding of God and spirituality.


Jackie has opened me up to a new spirituality, a new way of seeing and living in the Spirit through art, nature, colors, and people. She is bursting with creative energy, intentional care and attentive presence. Her accompaniment is a gift and a joy.


Jaclyn was kind, encouraging, full of joy and understanding, engaging, creative, and insightful. I absolutely loved all the images and poetry she shared with us as well as the design-a-prayer activity. I am a huge fan - it was a lovely experience - and I would definitely jump at the opportunity to work with Jaclyn Newns again in a heart beat.


Jaclyn was a delight. Her preparation, selection of content and technological savvy were impressive. She was so present and engaged in such a gentle welcoming way. Thank you for the gift of that day with her.


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